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Mon Jun 24, 2024

Harvard Astronomer Thinks Aliens Probably Visited Us in 2017 And Will Return

This is the story of possibly our very first scientifically verified contact with an extraterrestrial craft. This interstellar object was unique in many ways and known as the ‘first distant messenger’ sent from the past to reach out to humanity itself. If you haven’t heard all the details about this event, you’ve missed something extraordinary.

In October of 2017, a shocking thing happened in our solar system. The very first object of interstellar origin was discovered coming toward the inner planets from an elliptical orbit at a velocity that suggested it was not from a typically known source. Those typical sources might be a very long orbit from the Oort cloud like a primordial comet or even something closer to the central solar system like an uncatalogued trans Neptunian object. However, this alien object was indeed tumbling toward the inner solar system from an unexpected orbital trajectory at a ridiculous velocity and the mass calculations of the object were astounding. It seemed preposterous, but this ‘thing’ showed deviations from a Keplerian orbit at a high statistical significance which caught the attention of notable astronomers at the time.

The mysterious object exhibited very unusual behaviors, which suggested it was an unknown object, device, or even a ‘craft’ as suggested by Avi Loeb of Harvard astrophysics fame – and the aforementioned mass calculation and bizarre spin of the object collected this particular oddity into a new class of objects all it’s own. The object is known as Oumuamua or 1I/2017 U1 – and is the first known object of interstellar origin in our Solar System. There are a number of bizarre features that make notable astrophysicists think Oumuamua may NOT be of natural origin, and this is where things get super weird. The size estimate suggests this object was very thin, initially described as ‘cigar shaped’ or ‘pancaked’ for lack of better terms, and some speculation exists that estimates the width of the object as ‘paper thin’. Incredibly, many UFO sightings from the days of the Government UFO Program ‘Project Bluebook’ describe cigar-shaped UFOs. In addition to the strange orbital trajectory and mass, Oumuamua was also noted to be spinning on three axes, which was directly observed by the reflection pattern of the sunlight from the object.

All of these behaviors from an interstellar object seem strange at first glance, and some astronomers have suggested that it is possible that more objects like Oumuamua are out there and as a result, the small sample size of one unique thing does not rule out an unknown natural origin. However, it gets more complicated with Oumuamua, because it wasn’t actually behaving like something solely affected by gravity alone. As Oumuamua approached the inner planets and reversed course around the sun in a natural-looking tho odd orbit, it began to accelerate outside the bounds of known orbital gravity calculation as it retreated from our Solar System. The math suggested that Oumuamua was increasing in speed due to a push from solar radiation pressure, or even more ridiculous, some other force. The first thought was that the acceleration effect was some sort of sublimation, or melting ice off Oumuamua due to the close proximity of the sun. The issue there is, Oumuamua had no visible sublimation at all, which is standard for a normal comet to have a visible tail due to the same effect.

This acceleration of Oumuamua led Avi Loeb and some of his colleagues to speculate that there might be a ‘light sail effect’ happening with the super-thin mass, and the unique spin of the object. Directly from Avi Loeb’s paper…

‘One possibility is that the object is a light-sail floating in interstellar space into which the Solar System ran, like a ship bumping into a
buoy on the surface of the ocean. A light-sail is a sail pushed forward as it reflects light’

Now this interpretation is unambiguous in terms of Oumuamua’s origin. The implication is that this object was not natural, but a craft or ship that was created by something non-human. That’s right, aliens. The implication, of course, is massive. Actual Extraterrestrials set a craft loose into the cosmos, possibly to collect Galactic data for a scientific mission. Does any of this make sense? Look into the details yourself, the actual facts and scientific data we have are certainly compelling enough to merit the claim. Do you think aliens have ever visited Earth?