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Wed May 22, 2024

Radio Host Info

So you want to be a broadcaster, do you?

If you’re already a podcaster then you’re a step ahead. The only REAL difference between a podcast and a radio show is the formatting for commercials while you’re recording or doing a live show.

To keep everything running smoothly and on schedule, it is necessary to format shows for those commercials. It’s super simple, really, and just takes practice. The added benefit is that your show is already set up to sell/place ads because of the format!

For KUAP-DB the radio clock is a 5-minute commercial break at the top of the hour and a 4-minute break at the bottom of the hour. Top and bottom simply refer to a visual clock, meaning 12:00 is the top and 12:30 is the bottom and that applies to every hour. So in reality, a one-hour radio show will run from 12:05 to 12:30 and then resume at 12:34, and end at 1:00

The way transitions happen between commercials and the next show is with ‘bumper music’ – or a music bed that can be cut off whenever to go to an ad break. This way, the speaker isn’t cut off, and instead, the music is cut for a smooth transition.

So starting at 12:05 and ending at 12:30 means you have a 25-minute segment, but don’t speak for the final 15-30 seconds for the ‘bumpers’ to roll

And also, the bottom half starts at 12:34 and ends at 1:00 meaning the second segment is 26 minutes, and ofc don’t speak for the final 15-30 seconds for the ‘bumpers’ to roll as above
(to simplify things, both segments can be 25 minutes, we’ll just roll bumper ‘music out’ for the final minute)

This can be done just by watching a real clock or a stopwatch while you’re recording the episodes.

It just takes practice working around the ad breaks and will improve your flow skills to manage times and topics and guests.

As far as perks, there is currently no pay for being a radio host, however, we are working on a sponsor list that I will share and you can contact them directly to sponsor your show(which will fit perfectly into your radio break slots!)

Of course, from here, you have ‘radio experience’ now and can use it as a resume builder experience and perhaps launch it to a syndicated or terrestrial radio show. That part is up to you, but I will help as much as I can with tips, info and my experience doing this five+ years. Remember though, I can only help so much. In the end this is your show and your brand you’re building.

By allowing me to play your show(s) on the station, there is no licensing or anything else necessary. You keep full rights and creative control of your show and your brand, I just need your permission to play the show files on the network. Also, a note on copyright music, it’s not allowed because that type of licensing is very expensive. No playing Beyonce or anything else that would need a license. If you need help with some original music let me know and I can help.

Let’s get it.