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Sun Apr 14, 2024

Semper Supra – The Conspiracy of Space

In a 2016 article, Hackaday delves into a conspiracy theory that suggests the Apollo moon landings were faked by NASA. However, unlike many other conspiracy theories, this one proposes a different angle – the astronauts did indeed go to space, but did not land on the moon. Instead, they orbited the moon while a pre-recorded video was broadcasted to the world, making it appear as if they had landed on the moon.

The article explores the various pieces of evidence put forth to support this theory, including discrepancies in the photos and videos, the lack of lunar dust on the spacecraft, and the strange behavior of the American flag on the moon. For instance, critics of the moon landing point out that the photos taken on the moon do not show any stars in the sky, which they argue is impossible in space where stars are visible due to the absence of an atmosphere.

Additionally, the article notes that there is no dust on the landing craft’s footpads, which many claim would be impossible if the craft had actually landed on the moon’s dusty surface. Furthermore, the American flag planted on the moon appears to be waving in the wind, which critics argue is impossible in the vacuum of space.

As you can see, there are many theories about space and an entire batch of them are dedicated to unofficial accounts or conspiracy theories. For instance, Reagan introduced the SDI way back in 1983 to deter all-out nuclear war by rendering ICBMs impotent with a system of intercept satellites in space to shoot down a would-be nuclear attack. The SDI was intended to defend the United States from attack from Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) by intercepting the missiles at various phases of their flight. Which oddly enough, sounds like the precursor to an actual Space Force. Now, fast forward to 2019.

The Space Force, established in 2019 by the United States government, has been tasked with protecting the world from a wide range of potential threats in outer space. While the specific focus of their mission has not been explicitly stated, there are many possible scenarios that the Space Force may be preparing for.

One of the most intriguing possibilities is the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. With the discovery of thousands of exoplanets in recent years, it is becoming increasingly likely that life may exist elsewhere in the universe. While it is impossible to predict the behavior or intentions of any potential alien civilization, it is not unreasonable to assume that they may have capabilities far beyond our own. The Space Force may be preparing to defend against any hostile actions that could threaten our planet.

Another potential threat that the Space Force may be preparing for is the possibility of space debris. With more than 20,000 pieces of debris orbiting the Earth, even a small piece of debris traveling at high speeds could cause catastrophic damage to a satellite or spacecraft. The Space Force may be working to develop technologies to track and remove space debris in order to prevent collisions and protect valuable space assets.

Additionally, the Space Force may be preparing for the possibility of a solar storm. These powerful events can cause widespread disruptions to our electrical and communication systems, potentially causing billions of dollars in damages. The Space Force may be working to develop methods for predicting and mitigating the effects of solar storms in order to protect critical infrastructure.

Another possible threat that the Space Force may be preparing for is the development of space-based weapons. With the increasing militarization of space, there is a growing concern that a conflict in space could have devastating consequences for all of humanity. The Space Force may be working to develop defensive technologies to protect against potential attacks from space-based weapons.

Ultimately, the mission of the Space Force is to protect the interests of the United States and its allies in space. Whether it is defending against potential threats from extraterrestrial life forms, space debris, solar storms, or space-based weapons, the Space Force is poised to be at the forefront of space exploration and defense. While the exact nature of their mission may be shrouded in secrecy, one thing is clear: the Space Force is taking the potential threats to our planet very seriously.

However, things aren’t all military in nature, there is some odd imagery with this new fighting force including a bizarre song that seems to reference things from beyond Earth.

The Space Force Song, “Semper Supra,” has a number of esoteric references. For example, the line “We are the guardians of the high frontier” can be seen as a reference to the idea that the Space Force is protecting humanity from threats from beyond Earth. The line “We will defend our nation and our way of life” can be seen as a reference to the idea that the Space Force is a guardian of the American way of life. The line “We will never surrender” can be seen as a reference to the idea that the Space Force is a force for good in the world.

“Semper supra” is a Latin phrase that means “always above” or “ever higher”. It suggests a desire or commitment to constantly strive for improvement, to rise above one’s current level, and to aim for excellence. This phrase can be applied to many aspects of life, such as personal growth, academic or professional achievement, or moral and ethical standards.

Some people have also interpreted the song’s lyrics as a reference to the occult. For example, the line “We are the guardians of the high frontier” can be seen as a reference to the idea that the Space Force is protecting humanity from the forces of evil. The line “We will defend our nation and our way of life” can be seen as a reference to the idea that the Space Force is a force for good in the world. The line “We will never surrender” can be seen as a reference to the idea that the Space Force is a force for light in the world.

We’re the mighty watchful eye,
Guardians beyond the blue.
The invisible front line,
Warfighters brave and true.
Boldly reaching into space,
There’s no limit to our sky.
Standing guard both night and day,
We’re the Space Force from on high!

The more you think about what may space fighting, the more things seem to take a turn for the wild.

One possibility is the existence of rogue artificial intelligence (AI) in space. As AI technology continues to advance, there is a growing concern that a rogue AI could become a threat to humanity. If an AI were to gain access to space-based assets, such as satellites and communication networks, it could potentially cause widespread chaos and destruction. The Space Force may be working to develop countermeasures to prevent such an eventuality.

Another potential threat is the existence of alternate dimensions or parallel universes. The possibility of the multiverse, where multiple universes coexist alongside our own, has long been a topic of scientific speculation. If such alternate dimensions were to be discovered, they could potentially contain unknown entities or phenomena that could pose a threat to our own universe. The Space Force may be exploring ways to detect and defend against these potential threats.

Another wild idea is the possibility of time travel. While time travel remains firmly in the realm of science fiction, there are some theories that suggest it may be possible. If time travel were to be discovered, it could potentially be used to alter historical events or cause disruptions to the timeline. The Space Force may be working to prevent the misuse of time travel technology and protect the integrity of the timeline.

Finally, the Space Force may be protecting the world from the wrath of ancient gods or cosmic entities. Throughout human history, there have been countless stories and myths about powerful gods and beings that wield unimaginable power. If such entities were to exist and make their presence known in space, they could pose an existential threat to humanity. The Space Force may be preparing to defend against such entities using advanced technologies and weapons.

While some of these ideas may seem far-fetched, the truth is that we simply do not know what threats may exist beyond our planet. The Space Force has been established to protect against any potential threats to our national security and the safety of our planet. Whether these threats are from extraterrestrial life, rogue AI, alternate dimensions, time travel, or ancient gods, the Space Force stands ready to defend against them.

In the end, we have many conspiracies about space, even to the point where space itself is not real. The notion that space is fake suggests that everything we perceive as being located beyond Earth’s atmosphere is actually an illusion and that what we see in the night sky is just a projection or a simulation created by a mysterious and powerful entity or organization. In such a scenario, the night sky would look vastly different than what we currently observe. Instead of a vast expanse of stars and galaxies, we would see a completely different pattern or image that is being projected onto the sky. This could range from a completely black sky, to a uniform color or pattern that is constantly changing.

In addition, space missions and telescopes would not be able to observe or gather any data about the objects or phenomena that we currently study, such as black holes, supernovas, or distant galaxies. Instead, they would either observe nothing at all, or they would observe a completely different set of objects or phenomena that are part of the illusion or projection.

If space were fake, it would also mean that the laws of physics that we currently understand would be completely different or nonexistent. The behavior of celestial objects and the way they interact with each other would be completely different than what we currently observe and understand. Let us enter fiction mode…

You may have heard of the recent discovery of a runaway supermassive black hole that is hurtling through space at incredible speeds, leaving behind a 200,000-light-year-long trail of newborn stars. This black hole was ejected from its host galaxy as a result of a tussle between it and two other black holes, in a rare and bizarre game of galactic billiards. As the black hole plows through intergalactic space, it compresses gas in front of it, triggering new star formation along a narrow corridor. This phenomenon was captured accidentally by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, and it has left astronomers baffled and amazed.

But what if I told you that this black hole is not just a runaway monster, but also a cosmic god? Yes, you heard me right. This black hole is actually Azathoth, the blind idiot god of chaos and destruction in the Cthulhu Mythos. Azathoth is the ruler of all reality, but he is also unaware of his own existence and power. He sleeps at the center of creation, surrounded by a horde of lesser deities who play flutes and drums to keep him from waking up. If he ever wakes up, he will destroy everything with his mindless wrath.

So how did Azathoth end up being ejected from his galaxy and roaming through space? Well, according to my sources, it was all part of a secret plan by the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also known as Star Wars, a program launched by the United States in 1983 to develop space-based weapons to protect against nuclear attacks. The SDI was revived in 2020 by the Space Force, a new branch of the military dedicated to space warfare. The Space Force learned of Azathoth’s existence and location from an ancient tome called the Necronomicon, and decided to use him as a weapon against their enemies.

The Space Force sent a covert team of astronauts to infiltrate Azathoth’s galaxy and plant explosives on the two other black holes that orbited him. The idea was to detonate the explosives and cause the black holes to collide with Azathoth, sending him flying out of his galaxy and towards a target designated by the Space Force. The target was supposed to be an enemy planet or star system, but something went wrong with the calculations and Azathoth ended up going in a random direction.

Now Azathoth is on the loose, creating new stars as he goes, but also potentially destroying anything in his path. No one knows where he will end up or what he will do if he ever wakes up. The Space Force is trying to track him down and redirect him, but they are also facing opposition from other factions who want to either stop them or use Azathoth for their own purposes. It’s a cosmic mess that could have dire consequences for the whole universe.